Race Course

2023 Tiger-Tri & Tiger-Du Course Information

We are super excited for the 2023 race. Our course is the same as our 2021 & 2022 races. See below for more detailed information on the race courses.

The Swim

An in the water start at 8:00 am from Beaver Lodge on Lake Gillette. It is a counterclockwise swim ended close to the start.

Stay on the outside of the buoys. At the first buoy you will head left. The second buoy will turn left. At the third buoy you will turn right. At the fourth buoy you will do a tight left and then turn right at the orange buoy back to the wooden dock.

The Bike

Heads west on WA-20 from Beaver Lodge. Please remember to mount your bike once you exit T1 and are to the WA-20. At Graham Road you will turn left at the flaggers. Graham Road has a few curves, follow the signs. Graham Road will curve into Garden Homes Drive as you come into the Colville city limits. You will then take the first right onto Miner St., then a right on Silke Rd. up to Dean Vaagen Memorial Park. You will enter at the first (south) entrance of the park to T2. Please dismount your bike before you enter the transition area. T2 is not assisted, but you will find your run gear waiting for you and chairs to sit in as you change your shoes. We also have a porta-potty and will have a hydration station for you.

The Run

Dominion Meadows Rotary Trail will contain most of the run which is now an out and back. The run course will exit the transition 2 area, heading right. Follow the park around to the north exit, turning right on Silke Rd. heading north. You’ll go down the hill to WA-20 and head east (right) to Evergreen Way. Turning right on Evergreen Way, you will merge onto the Dominion Meadows Rotary Trail. You will run east along the large loop of the trail system, come to the “Y” and stay right, find the turn around and follow your same path back to the park. This is a relatively new course so a simple set of directions for you all:

Right out of the park onto Silke Rd.
Right onto WA-20
Right onto Evergreen Way
Left at the tennis courts to start the large loop of the trail, follow this path
Right at the “Y” in the trail to the turn around
Follow back the way you came

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